Our goal was to make a Super Drink kids love packed with iron and other vitamins and nutrients critically missing from their diets - without all the sugar and artificial ingredients. Join us in bringing Mighty Drink to families and kids everywhere!

Mighty Parents

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Products are sold as two cartons sets. And you can customize your orders by choosing from any of our six great tasting flavors.

A true Super Drink, honestly!

Mighty Kids Super Drink is formulated to supplement kids' stores of iron, and give them 100% of essential vitamins (B12, C and D). Certified organic and non-GMO, Mighty does not disappoint and it shows with every kid's reaction to the taste, even though it only has 4g of sugar 🤩 with 50 cal!

The importance of iron for kids

Iron is essential for red blood cells to carry oxygen.  Anemia affects 20+ million kids alone in the US and over 2 billion worldwide. Having iron in a beverage is a challenge but we made it happen and it's even more flavorful than the leading brands while still boasting half the sugar content at just 4g.

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What our kids need

We picked these ingredients for a reasons. B12 keeps nerves and blood cells healthy and helps prevent certain types of anemia. Vitamin C is for the immune system and helps to iron absorb more efficiently. Vitamin D is important for bones and immune health as well as helping to absorb calcium.

"My kids LOVE these drinks and I love that they're only 4g of sugar and chucked full of vitamins and iron! There really isn't anything like it in the stores."

Jessica, Madeira, OH

"Finally! A juice pouch I can feel good about giving my kids that actually tastes good too! We love it."

Dan, Cincinnati, OH